Most popular 5 t-shirt design elements

Everyone has a “favorite t-shirt”. And that is because the design on it makes it meaningful to the one who wears it.  Wearing a t-shirt that means nothing is not cool. Most popular 5 t-shirt design elements ! We tried to figure out which are the most popular 5 t-shirt design elements, and we tried to explain a little what the reason for their fame is.

Most popular t-shirt designs !

The skull iconography has gained a lot of fame along with the promotion got from different culture genres, starting even from old times (everyone knows Hamlet’s famous skull scene). Usually, the image of a skull is associated with death, but the skull carries a more complex symbolism, and has gathered more along its way nowadays. Due to the free imagination of designers, we find the skulls combined with almost any elements.
T-shirt designs portraying skull staples have revealed states of mind changing from the violent meaning “dressed to kill” promoted by the pirates signs, heavy metal/punk merchandise (Sex Pistols, Alice Cooper) to a more soft one, seen in the Goth culture, where the skull t-shirts meant a nice close-up to death, melancholy and defiance against society discrimination. That state of depression of the skull meaning also changed along with pop/rock culture (Avril Lavigne), and associated with the pinky trend of the emo style, it reached our days in a plenitude of styles and, no matter what style is promoted by the usage of a skull t-shirt design, it will always be popular. And… don’t tell me you never had a skull t-shirt!
Popular t-shirt designs !

Despite the outrageous popularity of wings, nowadays t-shirt designers have tried their best to create new and unique designs, in order to be meaningful and inspirational.
Having deep spiritual symbolism most of the times, with religious connotations, wings t-shirt designs refer to liberation, freedom, connection between the earth and the sky, and on a higher ground, between human existence and the spiritual level. The most commonly designed style is that of the feathered angel wings, standing as symbols for innocence or innocence lost, symbol of guidance and protection, peace or eternal salvation. But the wings don’t always emphasize the good nature of the spirit, but the evil one, as seen in many t-shirt designs with bat wings, following a demonic or vampire style. Having less religious connotations, the butterfly wings, raven wings or tribal wings (very popular in Goth tees), express supremacy and freedom. All of them, in all styles summarize the fascination for flying creatures, be they earthly or mythical.

popular 5 t-shirt design

popular 5 t-shirt design


If we take into consideration the overwhelming popularity of the tattoo industry, it’s no wonder it expanded so much, becoming a very important source for t-shirt vector art designers who follow the public’s interest regarding iconography, and use tattoos as t-shirt designs. Most tattoos designs are desired mainly for their absolutely crazy colors, for the glossy look, of for what they represent. These are seen especially on white t-shirts, in order not to lose any detail. The heart, the dragons, tribal symbols, anchors, wings, are just a few voguish elements that have successfully emerged again in t-shirt designs, under the shape of tattoos this time. I think the tattoo industry and the industry of t-shirt designs support each other, both of them having something to gain: the popularity of their own creation.

Derived from the custom of medieval knights or nobleman’s necessity to distinguish from other family, the heraldry, or royal emblems carry along the pride of belonging to a family with a glorious history behind. The royal identification was recognizable by cresting their particular stylized design onto their armor, shields, flags, red wax and so on. Through time, these heraldic elements became more complex, embellished with additional ornaments, frames, flourish elements, ribbons. We see today many of these blazons on t-shirts, as a sign of superiority and their main idea is that of belonging to a noble rank. The heraldry t-shirt designs are a common item for lovers of history, revealing the fascination for medieval glory and prestige.
The most common heraldry t-shirt design symbols are: armor boards, sword, kingdom ornaments, helmet, royal crowns, guards, ribbons, eagles, and lions.

popular 5 t-shirt design

T-shirt designs that use typography as their main element are the best attitude tees, depending on the message, of course. Unlike the other t-shirt designs, in this case the resources are endless. And it is not as simple as it seems, because typography is an art in itself, and everything matters, starting with the font, size, color, spacing or paragraphing. The most common are the funny sayingsfamous quotes, and, lately (we see them everywhere), personalized t-shirts with a  message expressing likes or dislikes.
Typography is not used only for a message, many times we see illegible writing, but it carries a special visual effect. The power to combine and impress lies only in the hands of the designer.

popular 5 t-shirt design

This is not actually a top 5, we couldn’t decide on the order, so…we’re open to suggestions. And also…please feel free to share with us if u have a favorite t-shirt, and what makes it so special.

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