Everything you need to know about Mixed Media Printing

Mixed Media Printing

Is this the next big thing for the printing industry? I’ve got an email from Katelyn Smith, from qualitylogoproducts.com, who sent a few members of their team to a custom printing factory to get a first-hand look at how the process is done. This instantly got my attention as I am sure it got the attention of all those working in the custom printing/graphic design industry.

There is a whole comprehensive article about it put together by QualityLogoProducts but here are some hightlights for the tl;dr , but I strongly encourage you to read everything at the source, especially if you are working or planning to work in the industry:

  • Mixed media printing combines two different imprint methods in one location. For example, you could combine a laser decoration with a screen transfer of your logo.
  • The bottom layer of your mixed media printed items will always be laser decoration.
  • Laser decoration is literally a burn of your design onto the garment rather than a colored ink imprint.
  • Keep in mind that a dark colored garment may not be the best option for a laser decoration.
  • You want to make sure that whatever size your laser decoration is, the imprint or embroidery going on top is bright and eye-catching enough to not get swallowed up or overshadowed by the laser decoration.
  • Items that are printed using mixed media look more like something you would buy at the store than something you would pick up at a corporate trade show.

Mixed Media PrintingMixed Media Printing

  • You can check out the mixed media process in the following video:

Previously, mixed media printing was only available on apparel.  But recently, since mixed media printing is catching on in a big way, options include non-apparel items like tote bags and backpacks. Make sure your check ouy all the options available on the QualityLogoProducts site. Polyester is the only fabric that can be lasered, which is why mixed media printing isn’t an option for every item. Full article HERE.


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