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Dracula is a very common character we hear people talk about, especially because we are very close to his home of Transylvania. Miles to Go is known to touch upon classics of world literature so, of course, they haven”t missed the very exciting character of Dracula, popularized by the author Bram Stoker. Yeah, count this post as a little reading info forced upon you, but I”m sure you already knew all of these.

What you didn”t know is that Miles to Go is having this great design up for pre-order and you should get it because it is available until July 1st. In their own words:

“After the huge response to me posting this design on Facebook, I am doing a rare pre-order to get one early before the fall release in september. It will be up until July 1st and will ship mid July for all orders placed. After that, it won’t be available for a few months and I also put up an option for 3X if anyone wants one ($2 more). Printed on 100% cotton American Apparel with discharge inks as always.”

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Dracula on American Apprel t-shirts from Miles to Go
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