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Don Weber is one of the hard-working “peons” (as he likes to call himself) at MightyBlanks. He contacted me about the brand of blank apparel that he manages along with his colleagues. I thought this was something of a novelty on our site, considering that we feature printed apparel all the time. But isn’t just as useful to tell you about where you can get the apparel as well, before you print it? Here’s the first suggestion:

MightyBlanks is a new online store that specializes in fashionable, high-quality blank apparel including t-shirts, long-sleeves, hoodies and accessories for both men and women. There is a large portion of the buying public that are looking for simple, affordable and comfortable casual wear that is not adorned with prints and logos and they aim to fill some of that niche.

For years they’ve been selling the lineup of apparel to lifestyle and action sports brands, as well as forward thinking retailers throughout North America looking for a higher quality blank garment to separate themselves from their competitors. This new lineup of men’s and women’s apparel products is offered directly to the retail customer through the online store.

I must  admit I have days when I need a palette cleanser from all the prints and love me some simple t-shirts and the V-necks are my favourites. Another thing I really like about the brand is colorful apparel, included in both women’s and men’s collection.

Thumbs up to Don and the team – we’re looking forward to new apparel !

MightyBlanks blank apparel

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