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Memory Stitch, or how to convert your old t-shirts into the perfect gift

Are you still searching for the perfect gift? Well, we can`t figure exactly your vision about “perfection”, but we sure have a unique proposal.

Everyone has loved tshirts that are no longer “weareble”. But you can`t just throw them away, because they carry within lots of memories and it would be like giving away a part of you. And it becomes a real struggle. The good news is that somebody thought about that and came with an astonishing resolution.

Re-use your old tees and create the perfect gift- even for you

MemoryStitch quickly creates affordable, high-quality upcycled quilts and other textile goods from well-loved t-shirts. They strive to create cherished one-of-a-kind keepsakes by reviving your well-loved mementos.  So that you can continue to tell your stories with them for years to come.

So there is no wonder that people affirm that MS is out of the ordinary! They have many years of quilting experience and also important, these T-shirt quilts that won’t break the bank.

perfect gift custom blanket

How it actually works:

Collect your fave tees

Select the T-shirts (front, back, or both) you want to use for your quilt, customize your T-shirt quilt, and checkout.

Cut and send them

After checking out, use the instructions to cut and package your shirts up. They`ll take it from there.

And that`s it! They will stitch together your shirts into an awesome T-shirt quilt and ship it back to you anywhere in the US for FREE!

Oh, and the cool thing is that they also make pillows. 

perfect gift custom pillows

This cutting edge gift will sure make waves and everybody will love it, cause it`s not just practical, but incredibly awesome! What do you think, do you own such a blanket/pillow?


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