Creepy’n’cute world by Megan Majewski

Creepy’n’cute world by Megan Majewski

I’m not sure, but I think I just fell in love. A creepy art world has done that. Well, there is this artist called Megan Majewski which has an amazing portfolio. How she says, is a cute’n’creepy artist. What is amazing awiththis artist is her ability to transform ugly things into art, which is more than just a beautiful painting.

Megan started painting in her home town of Cranbrook and soon moved to Vancouver to attend Vancouver Film School, where she started her career as a computer graphics animator. She loved how simple pictures came alive, but her true passion of painting never died. She succesfuly created 100 paintings in only 100 days for her first solo art show. Megan sold 82 of the 100 paintings, which is pretty amazing I think.

Megan’s world of twisted dead girls is quite stunning. Her beautiful artwork can be found on many things, like posters, frames, retro necklaces, paintings orcanvas.

Visit her site for the entire portfolio and to shop some of her beautiful paintings. I promise that you won’t be dissapointed.

megan majewski


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