Matt Ferguson poster design and illustration

Matt Ferguson Poster design

Matt Ferguson is an UK based genius illustrator who creates drop-dead gorgeous posters for no other than Marvel Studios, which he’s most famous for. He designs official art for the Star Trek franchise and for Hellboy and other established Film and TV properties.

He describes himself as „a huge geek and love to make geeky art in my free time.”

These are one hell of designs to do in your free time, right?

But it’s this honest passion that launched his career in the pop culture industry. This led to working with big companies like Marvel. His success story is almost a cliche. His work went viral online then eventually reached the producer of the Hulk movie, who made it official art. The rest is history, as they say.

His style adopts a minimalist approach but only at first glance. Because if you look closer, you will notice the careful details, reminiscent of an old school style of poster design.

The works that he considers representative of his talent are the original Avengers Assemble poster, The Fog movie poster and the Iron Man 3 teaser poster.

As an avid Trekkie, I’m sure he sees his work for Star Trek a dream come true. He attributes the work of Greg Capullo for Spawn to his strong impulse of becoming an artist. And thank God for that, because each of his illustrations are a work of art that should be framed on your wall!

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