98% off for over 250 ready-to-print t-shirt designs

Massive t-shirt design Bundles

Are you still in shock about the ending of Game of Thrones? Don’t worry – I’m not going to spoil anything for you. But I should advise you to stay off social media until you see the episode.

I’m thinking you’re already struggling to avoid spoilers at work too, so I’m gonna try to keep you mind occupied by giving you some good graphic design news, that you can throw your colleagues’ way as well, and make them shut up about last night’s episode.

This Monday I suggest we start with a T-shirt design Bundle, straight from one of the Tshirt Factory designers, Giuliano. You can buy 127 t-shirt templates, ready to print, in vector format for $54. These products would normally retail at over $2100 but, for a limited time, in collaboration with our site, the designer is offering these professional t-shirt designs at a 98% discount!

Below you can see a few of the designs included in the package:

t-shirt design Bundles Fight-club-T-shirt-clip-art-21168 Freeriders-T-shirt-design-21172 The-cool-forest--10651 Urban-victim-T-shirt-clip-art-21032

And another good piece of news is that this is the second bundle the designer is offering, while the first one was available back in September 2015. For those who missed this first one, you can now get your hands on it for only $54, which also holds 127 t-shirt templates.

Below you can find some of the designs included.

Rockstar-lion-Tee-shirts-12491 Motorcycle-club-Graphic-design-16668 Magic-road-T-shirt-design-14446 Lost-treasure-Graphic-design-15537 American-history-T-shirt-clip-art-15508

Both bundle designs will be available in AI and EPS formats.

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