Celebrating another thundering Marvel hit: Thor Tshirts

Hot Thor Tshirts

It’s official. Thor Ragnarok is a hit. It’s certified fresh, the reviews are good and Thor is getting the love from all directions. This means that we have the green light to feature some bitchin’ Thor tshirts. Because the blog is both about useful info from the design industry and fun news. Such are graphic t-shirts featuring the most popular comic hero of the moment!

Thor, in this case, was never that exciting in other movies. Although there was potential for a great underlining story to be developed. Ultimately,  the director Taika Waititi and the screenwriters  made it happen and redeemed the character greatly in an excellent franchise.

You have the Hulk, humor, amazing action scenes and Cate Blanchett as a fierce villain.  Not to mention the meme goldmine that is Jeff Goldblum. Some say there might be too much humor, but sometimes you need these movies to make fun of themselves, especially after 17 of them in the MCU.

Here are our top picks featuring the God of Thunder and his many interpretations:

thor tshirts

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