March Bundles celebrating spring and giggles

March Bundles with graphics for funny or elegant projects

Well, hello there, Spring! It was about damn time we had some ray of warm sunlight. It’s been some Game of Thrones kind of cold, here in Europe, in the last week. So, at least the calendar is trying to be gentler with us. On top of that, the arrival of the warm season sets a more optimistic tone, with more positive energy.

To make sure you’re on the same page with me on that, let me offer you some incentive that could upgrade the quality of your digital projects. I try to recommend you a few special graphic bundles each month, so here they are. Two illustration bundles, with 2 very distinct styles.

The first one excels at being funny, cute and a bit creepy. Tshirt Factory designer Urban Lite is cramming all of his little creatures in one single box, for only $15. Those 92 monsters would retail at $760, but not this spring. All illustrations are in AI format.

The second one seems to have been conceived by spring itself, capturing nature’s cuteness and tenderness. GraphicLoot scored a collaboration with talented Eva Katerina who is an expert watercolor illustrator. The graphics are fascinating and extremely versatile for any occasion that requires flowers, animals, patterns or other spring themes. The bundle is huge and would rightly cost you $1,370. But I told you I was going to bring you good news. This one is just $16 for 13 more days.

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