loui jover

Loui Jover Ink artist

Loui Jover Illustrator and Ink artist

We all feel like artists, more or less, some of us embrace the title of  ‘artist’ , some of us enjoy art and some of us don’t understand art. The man I want to present you is one of a kind artist. He truly embraces art and he succeeds to do some spectacular artworks with low resources.

I’m talking about Loui Jover an Australian artist who chose a different way to illustrate . He works with ink and paper . Looks simple up to this point, right? Well, what makes Loui special is that he does his illustrations on old, very old paper collected from used books. He glue them together to make larger sheets where to draw.

I never thought that ink could look so great on worn out paper, but how he said ‘ink’ became its life blood. See Loui Jover’s full portfolio here.

loui jover

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