We’ll never be royals – Lorde T-shirts

The 7th of November marks the birthday of Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, best known for her stage name:Lorde. She is a New Zealand singer and songwriter that made herself popular by releasing in 2013, the  debut single ”Royals”. The success of the song made Lorde the youngest solo artist to achieve a US number-one single since 1987.  This year, at the VMA’s, Lorde managed to become the first female artist to win Best Rock Video  for the same hit that made her famous.

I searched the internet in order to find some Lorde T-shirts to celebrate her success. This is how I find out about Skreened and their entire collection of music inspired T-shirts. They keep a variety of tees inspired by Royals, the song that changed the face of rock and pop rock music. Mainly,  the hit is about people that are trying to fit in, to live a good life full of riches and fame. Some of us still dream about this life while others are on the edge of living it. Let’s celebrate our dreams, our passions with a Lorde theme inspired tee from the brand Skreened.

Their designs are simple and elegant in perfect symbiosis with the artist’s lyrics. This is the perfect opportunity to buy a T-shirt since Skreened is currently holding a 30% off discount sitewide. They also sell tees that are inspired from other music hits such as: Team , Glory and Gore, sung by the same young artist.

Lorde T-shirts from Skreened

Lorde t-shirts

Royals tee

Lorde T-shirt Skreened

tanktop tee lorde

Teee Team song

we don't care tee

Royals song lyrics tee

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