Fighting illiteracy t-shirts

Fight illiteracy with T-shirts

I always had a passion for books,there is something about them , the way they make me fell mostly. I am sure I couldn’t have lived without fairy tales or love stories,I think no one should live like this . I am the kind of person that thinks everybody should have access to education and everybody must understand how important is literature. Therefore I found out about this awesome initiative called ” Outsmarting Poverty one book at a time ”  created by Travelling Stories Organisation. Their desire is to give to poor children the chance of reading thus discovering important notions about our race, our past, our legacy ,in fact : literature. Travelling Stories Organisation is struggling each day with illiteracy in the hope of improvement in the most affected areas of the world :   El Salvador, Nicaragua,Phillipines, South Sudan etc.  Between their projects there exists a lot of opportunities for younger to help their kind .For example with only 10$  a donation, we can learn a children to read Red Riding Hood or 101 Dalmatians .  Register now  to the 10$ BuckChallenge and stop illiteracy.

10$ challenge

But how did they manage to attract so many supporters and volunteers? By setting up an online T-shirt section where all the tee lovers can find inspiring typographic designs. Behind the simple,classy ”Reading is sexy” design there is something of much more interest : with you wearing that T-shirt a children will learn and discover throughout literature.  Even if  Travelling Stories has not gathered a huge t-shirt collection I admire its initiative and I would definitely spare 20 bucks for one tee.  As the crew has stated : ” Where kids have no books, we set up libraries. Where kids do have books, we inspire a love for reading.”

Fighting Poverty tee

Reading is sexy tee

Tee design book

Tee design inspiration

Design inspiration

Outsmarting poverty one book at a time

To support their fight against poverty and illiteracy visit their Get Involved Section  and to buy their T-shirts click here

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