Kyle Webster Brushes and Illustration

Kyle Webster Brushes and Illustration

Kyle T Webster is best known in the graphic design industry for his original brushes. His collaborations with magazines like Time, The New Yorker or Wall Street Journal have been winning the admiration of many. As an international award winning illustrator, he’s been  recognized by the Society of Illustrators, Communications Arts and American Illustration. Furthermore, he’s also created phone games, two of which got into the top 50 for iPhone. Below you can see some of his works:

Above all, his brushes are the professionals’ favorites. They are the world’s best selling Photoshop brushes. “His brushes were the first to be officially licensed by Adobe for inclusion in the Adobe library of tools for Photoshop and Photoshop Sketch.”

If you want to achieve any natural media effect, such as watercolors, oils, pastel or inks, you need these babies! There are many packages that contain unique effects. None of the sets overlapping with one another and for a few of them there’s no fixed price.  You choose how much you want to pay:

Kyle Webster Brushes

A far as illustration work, he launched a picture book in 2016, entitled “Please, say Please”. It is an engaging educational material for young children, about the power of the word “Please”.

And for the latest projects, works in progress and some political stands, if you’re into that sort of thing, you should follow his Twitter. It is highly entertaining!

He frequently features other artists’s works that use his brushes. It’s an excellent source of inspiration and knowledge.

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