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Join the Tshirt Factory Affiliate program for 25% sales commission!


If you are looking to increase your income through your site, blog, email or other online media you own, you’ve come to the right place.

The Tshirt Factory affiliate program has been restored and it’s more effective and more simple than ever to use!

This Affiliate program is perfect for:

  • Graphic designer/illustrators;
  • Bloggers from the design industry;
  • Sites offering coupons and deals;
  • Web design or graphic design sites and blogs;
  • Anyone with an online following from the design industry.

tshirt factory affiliate program

Here’s why you should join us:

  • We offer 25% commission for each sale through the affiliate link;
  • Payment is transferred each month, for a minimum of $100 commission;
  • There is a variety of digital art products and design deals, suited for your public;
  • We create and renew our promotional banners periodically to fit our promotions, latest products and special deals;
  • We are always available to answer your questions, resolve any doubts and improve the service based on your feedback and needs;

tshirt factory affiliate program

What you need to know and do to earn commission:

  • Use our promotional materials: banners or text links on your site;
  • Your visitors will click on any of them and their IP will be logged;
  • A cookie valid for 30 days will be placed in their browser to track purchases;
  • When the visitor browses our site and decides to order, it will be registered as a sale for you and you will receive commission for it.