Johnny Cupcakes Batman vs. Superman Inspired tees and stickers

Limited Edition Johnny Cupcakes T-shirts –┬áBatman vs. Superman

It’s been way too long since I last mentioned Johnny Cupcakes on the blog. The newest comics movie launch Batman v Superman is a very fine occasion to do just that. The two may seem unconnected but if you know Johnny and his products you can anticipate we’re I’m going with this. He is known to occasionally include popular culture figures in his lines.

That’s right: he just launched a special, limited edition T-shirt line, featuring the two DC characters, in his very unique style, as two chubbies. There is also a nice collection of stickers with the same theme.

I see now on his site that two of the designs are already sold out so if you’re into his style and the ever popular DC comics you better hurry up.

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