Introducing New Tshirt Factory designer Lou Patrick Mackay

New Tshirt Factory designer Lou Patrick Mackay

For some of our readers it is obvious that our blog is, sometimes, a means of moving the spotlight on our site and and the community that we’ve been building around it. We are very proud of our collaborations and the designers that put their trust in us, by offering their quality artwork to our visitors.

Today, I am excited to give you some insight into one of our newest illustrator’s style. His name is Lou Patrick Mackay and he comes from the Phillipines. He’s been working as a designer for 6 years and has been working with various clients all over the world for almost 3 years. Here are the thoughts behind the great designs:

OANA: Please tell us more about your art and design background and what made you become a designer?

LOU: My designs are usually very detailed and unique because I tend to mix abstract style and illustration at the same time. I usually start it out by thinking different ideas, lot of sketching, layouts, positioning,etc. and then the outline parts and lots of tweaking until I come up with a very unique touch and then the coloring method comes in. Last method of my style would be creating a lot of unique detailing strokes and Boom! Its done!

new tshirt factory designer
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OANA: How or when did you start illustrating on a professional level?

LOU: It started as a hobby when I was a kid, learned a few lessons with my grandpa but never expected it as a full-time work. During college days, that was the time when I started focusing on drawing/sketching/painting. I was receiving a lot of good response from my friends and colleagues and accepted projects from local clients. When I started, my first job was more on web designing and programming, which later I decided to be a full-time Graphic Artist. And by then, I started doing freelance works internationally and working here in the Philippines at the same time.

The untamed

Every artist will always keep learning and I believe that there is NO professional in the field of Arts.

OANA: Where does your inspiration come from?

LOU: From my environment, because I’m surrounded by such an amazing artists here at work and the most part would be coming from my loved ones ( family and friends ).

OANA: How would you describe your style?

LOU: Uniquely detailed. Lol

In- Memory

OANA: What tools you use? Do you go 100% digital or is there paper involved?

LOU: Photoshop, Illustrator and the most important – Pen and Paper.


OANA: Is there anything that you specifically avoid using in your illustrations?


OANA: What was the hardest job you have ever worked on?

LOU: Last year, 2014, I created a design for an album / shirt design contest for a band here in the Philippines (Faspitch).

OANA: Can you name some of your favorite designs and why?(personal or from other designers)


  • Interconnected – Simple, unique, lots of details in it

  • The Watcher – Colorful, unique, lots of details

  • The Host – Love the positioning and concept of it.

The Host

OANA: Any graphic designers you admire?


OANA: Any words of advice for anyone just starting out as an illustrator/graphic designer?

LOU: Keep practicing. Keep practicing. Keep practicing. Don’t STOP.

Thank you do much for the time, lou and for a very sound advice!

So, guys, what do you think? Tell us your opinions about Lou’s designs in the comments and show us your favorite designers!

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