Introducing Retro Underdog t-shirts

Retro Underdog is an online limited edition t-shirt company, started by Joseph Miranda in Atlanta, Ga. He graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design and majored  in game design – how awesome is that! – and focused on conceptual illustration. After changing from freelance to contract work, he started designing for a friend, a project that didn’t actually take off but which left Jo with such great feedback and compliments on the designs, that he decided to start a company on his own.

The name stuck easily since “underdog” resonated with all the stories of the past and present, giving hope and faith to a newborn brand and to a very courageous designer. The logo soon came after, and if you can see, the R and U are incorporated in the logo.

Retro Underdog’s designs are inspired by retro themes, philosophies, and historical events. The style of t-shirts is a modern one, and it is very  refreshing to see bright colors and no grey shades.. All of the shirts are  sold  with a vintage packaging scheme and the limited quantities means they will not be printed again. To be more exact, collections will  be available eights months and then will be discontinued.

The company contains four designs representing four collections. Every two months they release four additional shirts into each collection, the novelty factor being very important for a business to keep its customers close and always interested.

The lookbook is just a delight to look at and it was rather hard not to feature all the pictures from the site. But I surely can’t complain about the fact that delivery is made by the CEO himself. I mean,..ahem:

retro underdog
Joseph Miranda
Joseph Miranda
Joseph Miranda

LOOKBOOK for Retro Underdog t-shirt designs:

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Abandon Dream – Rustic Abandonment Collection
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