Reimagining art as famous cartoons – Instagram style challenge

Original drawings in famous cartoon styles

It always brings a smile to our faces to see traditional illustrators master their tools so artfully with minute precision, reminding us where it all began, before there was Photoshop or Illustrator. Drawing with pen on paper and digital drawing are quite distinct processes. It’s quite something surprising to discover when you want to transition from your sketchbook to a wacom, for example.

Which is why promoting a bit of “pen on paper” art is a much deserved craftship that we want you to celebrate.

What triggered us to discuss it? The ingenious post of a 17 year old instagramer Autumn Massaquo, a London-based student who launched a challenge for everyone on Instagram, accompanied by the hashtag #stylechallenge, obviously.

What it requires from artists – professionals and amateurs alike – is to draw a character in their own style and then redraw it in the style of famous cartoons, such as The Simpsons, Power Puff Girls, Disney, Family Guy, Adventure Time and anything else their skills allow. She will then feature the best of them on her profile of over 80k art loving followers.

The challenge had an amazing social outcome, as expected on such a popular app. Seeing the many submissions she chose, it goes to show just how much talent there’s out there that we don’t hear about. This is a great opportunity to discover such diverse styles with a great ability to adapt and redesign.

We selected a few of them and we encourage you to join this challenge and share your amazing skills with the world.

famous cartoon styles

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Suite à vos demandes, voici mon #stylechallenge ??

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