Inspiring graphics of the day – green t-shirt designs

Today I felt inspired by the mistletoe but I don’t feel like picking out Christmas designs already. Although there are some great holiday t-shirt with the funniest messages I have ever seen. I could buy them all, ’cause they could go great on stickers, cards, posters..There is not enough time to showcase all the amazing talents I run into inside this community and business.

But coming back to our graphics, the mistletoe’s colors “ordered” me to choose green t-shirt designs that have a really appealing tone to them. The textures are different, the tools used to create them are different yet they come perfectly together because of the same drop of color. Enjoy:

Vintage Camera Hasselblad
green t-shirts
Mixed media
tshirt design
Naked Mind
t-shirt design
Raven's key
green t-shirts
Sugar land

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