Inspiring graphics of the day

Today’s inspiring graphics of the day come from 5 very different people that couldn’t be more opposite in styles. We’ll show them to you in random order because all of them have that something special about each other. So there are 5 number one spots for them in our top.

The first one comes from Chalermphol Harnchakkham and you can find the artist on society6 with plenty of illustrations that betray the oriental influences for each of them. They all picture still life in unusual colors but our selection is more tamed:


The second graphic marvel comes from an illustrator – daletheskater – on Design by Humans and his graphics  are currently in competition. We just love original imagery about common ideas or concepts. Here it is The beekeeper:

The beekeeper
The beekeeper

The third design is meant to loosen us up and have a play on words that Mysoti seems to usually have on their site. This is Assault and Battery from Boots and is hilarious:


Assault and battery
The next one is equally funny, relating to the classic imagery of the Beatles on a crossing, from BustedTees:

the pacman

And last on the list but not last in skill is an illustration from an artist on Design by Humans, also in competition. Unexpected grim picturing of LoL faces. He seems to be a keen fan of creepy one-eyed closet monsters:

design by humans


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