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Illustration Artist – Katharine Asher

We are eager to know more about our past, about the legacy of our modern illustration .But what about the 21 century ,this present day we are living in, can someone really change the face of ”illustration” ?

Today, we are going to talk about  Katharine Asher, 21st century freelance illustrator and designer. She specializes in fashion and figurative work , enhancing shades and details. Since most of her designs replicate women dancing ,the emphasis is on their beauty of movement. She has a really good eye for recreating movement and action throughout her illustrations. As an artist she likes to explore and enjoy the moment as she creates the image , thus the illustration.On her free time, Katharine was always dancing, so this is why she chose to ” speak” with us by creating models that are mastering the dance skills. We will see in her illustration a variety of women dancing salsa,jazz , and having a great time.

Katharine’s career started with her graduation from The College of Art and Design in Torbay ,after that she finished The Harrow college of art based in London her degree in fine art at UWE Bristol ,specializing in Sculpture. No need to say that she is a very ambitious illustrator with great prospects regarding the future.

I found out about her mesmerizing illustrations from ,where she has an huge portfolio ,you can browse through them ,choosing the one that best suits you. Before I even looked at the illustrations ,I went to Testimonials category and I was amazed by the beautiful words that were said about her talent.


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I can only say she has succeeded to bring charm and elegance throughout her illustrations,inspiring a lot of people to buy her works of art and fashion. Even though she has an entire portfolio made with subtle, clear lines and shades ,when she illustrates nature the use of the brush is much more reserved and focused to the attention of detail. I will let you see some of her work as an illustrator. Let me know what you are thinking about her, you can choose to contact her here. 

Katharine Ashar Illustrator


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nature illustration

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Woman Illustration


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