Illustration Artist – Hannah Davies

I really think that we should invest more time looking for modern illustration artists that can change today’s vision about graphic design. Growing up in South Wales, Hannah Davies is a true artist that lives to make illustrations. I found out about her while surfing the site IllustrationWeb ,where with a simple click you can find thousands of modern illustration artists.  Hannah works in the fashion industry where her talent as a decorative illustrator is well-known. What really makes Hannah different is her ability to transform every microscopic pattern and detail into a work of art.

The artist’s inspiration lies in the glory of nature, although she can bring her imagination into any type of illustration that will challenge her. Hannah’s designs are astonishing and she manages to bring to life any detail,  just by using light colors and simple ideas. Her ever-lasting love for the surrounding environment is easily carved into her creations . The main characters in her illustrations are majestic animals, such as : peacocks, owls, flamingos and cats.

Show your affection for nature and for modern illustration by visiting Hannah’s official website . Here you can find more about her newest achievements !

Meet Hannah’s illustrations

Illustration Artist

Meet Hannah Davies


Flamingo Illustration Artist

Peacock Hannah Davies

Illustration artist Hannah Davies


Beautiful design Hannah

Women Hannah Illustration

Illustration Artist



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