Ian Leino Geeky Designs and illustrations for T-shirts

Geeky Designs from Ian Leino

Ian Leino is a successful, experienced independent designer, with a portfolio full of entertainment collaborations, focused on print and apparel graphics.

Geeky Designs

He swears by his resistance to growing up and enjoying as much geek culture as possible to achieve his goals. Among his favorites are Star Wars, Doctor Who and Arrested Development, recurrent themes in many of his products. He’s all over sites like Threadless, Shirt Woot and Teefury, where his designs always end up on the most popular page. For example the following design, I’m sure you’ve seen it very, very often:

Well, now you know it’s Leino’s crafty hand at work.

Something that sets him apart from other illustrators are his stained glass series. It’s quite interesting to see the work that goes into creating each piece, featuring the Millennium Falcon or the mascots of the Harry Potter houses. That’s literally raising pop culture to the rank of religious symbol. Such dedication is nothing short of admiration.

By popular demand, these are also available as prints on t-shirts, in the Threadless shop.

As far as his latest designs are concerned, he’s announced on Twitter that he’s working on some Game of Thrones inspired designs. So, show some love, follow him and be the among the few to snag one of his pieces:

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