Ian Jepson’s Graphic Design

Ian Jepson – Desmond & The Tutus Poster

Ian Jepson is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Cape Town, South Africa. He has worked on numerous projects and he has made a name for himself a few years ago. One of his newest project consists of a poster design for the band Desmond & The Tutus.  This indie rock band first appeared in 2008 and since then they’ve had a lot of success in South African music industry. They are a minimalist, unconventional band that lives every moment like it will be their last one.

Desmond and the tutus graphic design

But how did Desmond&The Tutus hire Ian Jepson ? Ouh well, recently they have had a big gig at the The Assembly and they needed an expert to design their poster. Ian Jepson was the one that succeeded to create a masterpiece for their amazing event. Since the main theme of the party was the jungle he thought to use as a central character : a cool beetle listening to its walkman. The colors are absolutely mesmerizing : shades of yellow, blue lines and pink&white combinations are making this poster a total must have. It’s original , it’s inspiring and above all it draws attention to the band.

Visit Ian Jepson’s  Behance profile and tell us what you think of his previous works. Now let’s cut to the chase and see his beautifully assembled beetle poster.

– Initial sketch: 

Graphic desig


– The Poster in progress : 

work in progress poster

-Final Poster : 

Final poster graphic design

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