HEADTRIP – dreams become t-shirts

Maximillian & Yianni, the Founders of HEADTRIP, have been working diligently for the past year on a new “Interactive” clothing line.

The t-shirts are based off of the consumer’s dreams, who will have a chance to share their dreams with rest of the world. Dreams are submitted and the community votes a winner each month. The winner will have their dream professionally printed on HEADTRIP¬†clothing line and available to the masses. Others will become walking billboards for their crazy dreams!

In addition the winner will have their name printed on the inside of every shirt via our custom tag (e.g. Dreamt by David). They will also be featured on the HEADTRIP¬†Facebook¬†profile for the entire month by having their headshot as the profile pic, dream on the banner portion, and the dream/final design will appear to be coming out of their head. They will also be featured in the store for as long as the shirt is sold, so everyone will know who’s dream it was.

Lastly, the winner will also receive $100 in free merchandise of their choosing from HEADTRIP.

Their mission and passion is to build a large enough interactive community so everyone can submit their dreams freely, vote on them, and share them with the world by wearing them.

clothing line
Killer Zebras
clothing line
Howling Seals
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Vegan Monster
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