Happy Easter Collection

Happy Easter Collection for only 6$

Happy Easter Collection for only 6$

Did you know that 70% of Easter candy purchased is chocolate? Well, it’s understandable since the symbol for Easter has always been the egg.  It’s almost impossible not to have think one second why we chose the egg? I mean we could have paint white boards instead of eggs or even canvases ,but why eggs?

Well, I just found out that eggs have been seen as ancient symbol of fertility, while springtime is considered to bring new life and rebirth . This is the main reason why eggs are an important tradition for almost every country that celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Today’s highlight is on Easter Symbols, those colorful things that makes us happy every spring : eggs, carrots, the sun, rabbits and other cheerful characters. You can find them all among the newest Easter Collection published on EnvatoMarket.

What you will find inside :

  • 4 Vector *.Eps files
  • 4 *.Psd files
  • 4 *.JPG files, high resolution 5000×5417 px
  • 8 *.Png files (4 of them on invisible backround)
  • 1 *.txt font files

You can buy the package immediately from here only for the amount of 6$ . The collection has playful posters on kraft paper that are a must have this season for children all over the world. The text is outlined and it’s not editable.

Happy Easter Collection for only 6$

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