Halloween Treat!

Halloween vector pack !

Halloween vector pack

It’s that time of the year! Zombies, witches, pumpkins, monsters, black cats and candy, yes, Halloween is coming.

Trick or treat… we have a sweet treat for you, and it’s not a trick: Say Hello to our new special Halloween Edition Vector pack.

Part of the Freak Collection, you can expect a special taste of spilled artist blood from it… Our own Gabriel went all the way with it, killing his hands with tons of details, worked till his eyes were a bloody pulp* and managed to pull it out in record time.

*Oh, his eyes and hands not working ‘till after Halloween Midnight, he asked me to write the feature presentation for this vector pack – eZ-kun:)

So, what can you expect from the pack? As always, stunning hand crafted vector clip-art, at the same “see how we blow our competition away” prices, done with the benefit of our customers set as a priority. Monsters of all nature, this vector pack collection features over 50 Halloween themed drawings, that can be used either individually or mashed in a monster-crazy design.

Don’t miss the chance to buy one in time for the big night…well, we can guarantee that you get enough material for a few years of scary, over the top designs, so it’s a special offer that you can take now and the vector pack will come in handy for all the next Halloweens…how could anyone refuse that?

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