Halloween Illustrations from BeastWreck

BeastWreck all-year round Halloween Illustrations

This October we were „lucky” to have been graced by a Friday the 13th, celebrated accordingly by plenty of illustrators. BeastWreck is one of them.

I am so happy I rediscovered him because he deserves to be featured. I say that especially for the general style in perfect sync with the Halloween season. That way you can celebrate this holiday all year long.

Halloween Illustrations

On Friday, the man behind Beastwreck created a design featuring none other than Jason, with his legendary ax. The illustration is detailed, dynamic, boasting bright colors. That’s a signature mark for his whole work. The bright pink doesn’t take away one bit from the chilling expressiveness of one of the most popular serial killers in movie history.

Another absolutely scary print I noticed in the shop is the ARACHNOCLOWN. It combines two phobia inducing elements: a clown face and spider legs.

If this entices you, check out the whole product range that includes stickers, pins, prints and buttons on the official site. But you can get this great prints on anything Society6 has to offer, really.

You can also purchase these great prints on DesignbyHumans merchandise, from the same man that goes by the name of BeastPop.


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