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Graphic Box- Creative designs + Gift

Graphic box-creative designs


Graphic Box – Creative Designs

Hello everyone ! Let’s start this week by getting familiar with Graphic Box. An online shop that is run by an amazing graphic designer.  Salome ,the leading designer of Graphic Box specializes in illustrating nature. You’ll find among his creations and projects , flowers and fruits all designed using different styles. You can choose between :  hand drawn flowers, watercolor flowers,tropical fruits and a very special Hawaii collection.  The price range is 10-20$ and his creations are designed for both commercial and personal use.

Graphic Box is an endless source of freshness. You can almost sense the smell of tropical flowers and you’ll be impressed by the colors used in creating them. Let’s take for example the bundle named Seamless Tropical Flowers , the third volume of his kind.

Creative Market Graphic Box


You can buy these 6 tropical vectors for only 9$. The set includes :

-6 Illustrator EPS(10) vector files with vector pattern
-6 JPEG seamless tropical patterns (300dpi)
-1Illustrator EPS(10) vector files with graphic elements(flowers,leaves,pineapple,words)
-1 PNG graphic elements(flowers,leaves,pineapple,words) (300dpi) with transparent background

This isn’t all, as I said above this is the third package created , but you can check out the previous two bundles here and here.  

Vector Hand drawn

In addition , Graphic Box is offering us a totally free vector bundle . Guess what’s the theme? A wedding full of colors and floral patterns. Check out the free good of this week and remember : the clock is ticking , you can download it  for free until Sunday. The set includes : 9 Illustrator EPS(10) vector files 9 JPEG files (300dpi) . Let’s have some fun and plan a floral wedding using only creative designs.

Seanless patterns creative designs

cactus,flowers for free

Graphic Box creative designs for free

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