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Gordon Holden

Rain or shine, Gordon Holden is going postal with his first Exhibition A print, appropriating a piece of classic American iconography in a stroke of meta-rebranding. Holden reminds us here that art, like the postal service, is a delivery system for ideas—plus it’s pretty funny. He takes two elements of this familiar image—the eagle silhouette and the postmaster font type—to form an absurd corporate identity. Often satirical, Holden describes his work as “a collection of things to like and dislike”. His recent show with Schoph and Corey Smith at Paul Loya Gallery focused on provoking discernment in the viewer and confirming that first glances are not always to be trusted. We love the trademark quality of this print Take that, Fedex!


Gordon Holden was born in 1985 in suburban USA. After graduating from the University of Vermont, never having studied fine arts, he discovered that the only way to live in a world that strives for perfection is to do just the opposite. His work captures visual and tactile expression through the conflation of pop culture and personally-derived abstract apprehension. His cynical observation produces works that are both whimsical and thought-provoking. He is represented by Paul Loya Gallery and his work has been exhibited at The Institute Library, The New Britain Museum of American Art, Art On a Gallery, Homeostasis Lab, and will be part of the forthcoming Recto and Verso at The Howard Art Project, opening February 28th.

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