Cartoon quotes turned into funny poster prints

Nikita Gill is Typography and Branding designer that put together a series of quotes from famous cartoons, using a myriad of fonts to convey the playfulness of the characters that voice them.They all have one thing in common: all quotes are from cartoons made by Pixar.

As she says: “I usually choose the quotes that are slightly insulting, but I find quite amusing. For instance, a stress buster I use in real life is from the film ‘A Bug’s Life’ : ‘One day I will be a beautiful butterfly and everything will be better.’ And whenever I do something stupid, I say to myself derisively ‘Anyone can. That doesn’t mean that anyone should.’ (from Ratatouille) or my favourite, when I am offended by something someone says ‘I just want you to know that even though you tried to terminate me, revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet’, by Buzz Lightyear.”

Her whole positive yet sarcastic attitude is seen throughout the use of different fonts and colors, a mix that makes for excellent poster prints.

Funny poster prints by Nikita Gill

poster prints

poster prints

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