Funny Homemade tshirt – Race Track Tshirt

Funny tshirt or race track ?

So,do  you have kids who never want to sleep? And are too tired to play with them ? Well, today I’ll show you how to cheat, with a funny homemade tshirt . Now, your kids can have fun by playing with you while you are sleeping. Yeah, I know, sounds like a dream.

The race track t-shirt, as shown below, will keep your kids busy and they will also offer you a great back massage. Now, if there could be another t-shirt, designer for the wife, with some similar perks. We’ll keep you posted on that as well, don’t worry.

funny tshirt

Here’s how to get your own racetrack t-shirt. All you have to do is to take a white t-shirt, some freezer paper, some fabric paint and some creativity. After this, you should draw a pattern first in a pencil and when it’s ready in black marker.

race track tshirt

Then, put the paper freezer inside the tshirt and be sure that is on the back of the t-shirt, unless you want a belly massage.

Start drawing on the t-shirt ! It’s easily to see the lines, trace the race track with a thin paint brush. After, you can color the buildings and the trees.


So simple, right ? Sweet dreams!

funny homemade tshirt

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