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FunkoPop vinyl figurines

Sometimes I feel that graphic design is synonymous with pop culture. Especially because we’re dealing with the textile industry, more specifically printed t-shirts. Some say you’re a lazy designer if you focus on pop culture or you’re just selling out. But I disagree. Pop culture is SO much fun, it’s Game of Thrones and 80’s toys; it’s comic books and internet memes; it’s Seinfeld and YouTube stars. Why not delve in this vast array of hilarious, scary, thrilling, cute or outrageous characters?

You know what? I don’t mind gratuitous mash-up designs. If I like the entertainment products they refer to, I enjoy them. I like to see things that I love come together on one single design. It’s as simple as that. Beyond that, I definitely enjoy wittier prints, with a less obvious meaning.

But this time, I will refer to a different type of pop culture obsession: figurines. You can call them action figures, figures, miniatures, collectibles or simply toys. You see them on the shelves of avid fans, little kids and big kids. I see them in the background of all YouTube videos of pop culture reviewers. And there is a certain type that always draws my attention: FunkoPop vinyl figurines.

Funko specializes in creating hundreds of licensed vinyl figurines that recreate famous characters from tv shows, movies, animations, games UFC and more. They have one of the largest portfolios in the pop culture and collectibles industry. Collectors all over the world have at least one of these gifts. They initially started with these figurines and eventually expanded towards apparel, accessories, houseware and more.

Their popularity has been on the rise in the last years. They are quite original, with button-like dark eyes, large square head with rounded edges and no mouth. Although they all have the same pose, each is very distinct, with the characters very easy to recognize.

They are like adorable bobbleheads, whether it is Danaerys, Batman, a neomorph from “Alien”or Han Solo. Think of any pop culture icon and you will most likely find it among the FunkoPop collectibles. They’re a must-have for all pop culture aficionados:





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