Free of the week – Wild Wall from Kabay Seventyeight

Free vector character for urban t-shirt

Since the blog is an extension of our mother site Tshirt, we tend to report its news and offers here, as soon as they are posted on the site. Which is why you may see us link back there more often than not.

The most popular posts, as you may guess, are the free resources and we understand this design trend to offer templates cheaper while custom work becomes more and more precious and more valuable. It should be that way – open access to pre-designed resources encourage more and more people to start on the road of graphic design. It’s a matter of determination, ambition and of course talent to stay the course and take it to the next level.

So, our free t-shirt templates offer a taste of high quality prints that you can use to test your DTG printer, to make yourself a cool t-shirt or many other personal uses. We forbid the commercial use of the design in digital format. To respect the author of the illustration and give credit, instead of using it as your own is actually a legal obligation.

Thus, we hope you enjoy our weekly free vector, do not hesitate to contact the designer offering it and show your appreciation, and also send us your suggestions on how we can improve the free section.

This week the prolific illustrator Kabay Seventyeight is putting out one of his designs for free, “Wild Wall”, created with Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. It is available in EPS and AI formats, with 2 separated layers, so screen printing this one should be easy. Enjoy it wisely!


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