Free Script Fonts ideal for Easter + a GraphicLoot Bonus

Free Script Fonts for Easter

I’ve been a bit lazy on the free resources lately, so let’s catch up, shall we?

We’re very close to another big holiday, Easter, which means there is a lot happening around it. Beside the religious celebration, this time calls for a lot of promotions, events, sales. In short, personalized material to fit the occasion.

Your social media photos, fliers, printed banners, blog posts, vouchers, newsletters, Easter gifts – are all mediums to carry a holiday message. Given the theme, your text should come in a beautiful, script style, reminiscent of the handwriting of an Easter postcard.

Which is why my proposition is to have a look at the following collection of free script fonts, that you can instantly download. Click of each image to go to the source, read the terms of condition and create wonderful holiday material to celebrate both the joyous Easter season and the delight of Spring.

scripts fonts free script fonts

Bonus:  A cute set of Easter illustrations, hand-drawn by the resourceful GraphicLoot team, to complement your holiday projects.

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