Free of the Week – “Earth’s music” free photoshop design

Free Photoshop design for t-shirt printing

It’s been a while since we last featured one of our first contributing designers, on the Tshirt site. Vlad Isac’s products are especially created in Photoshop, for digital printing, although available upon request is 1 file in PDF format, layered, designed for Screen Printing, if that is your printing choice. Otherwise, you will have access to the design through a TIFF file, with transparency.

The prints
that feature positive messages, encourage responsible consumption of nature’s most misunderstood plant, explore imagery of cosmic energies, Egyptian symbolism and warn about traps of the senses. His content is other worldly, each detail in the background revealing unexpected meanings. It’s an esoteric roller coaster to analyze each of his t-shirt prints, so we thought it would be interesting to offer one of design for free download, albeit for just one week.

It’s a pleasure to draw attention to such captivating imagery that will puzzle or enlighten you, either way it won’t leave you indifferent. This one in particular is for nature lovers, for those who can take the time to listen to the “sound of silence”, to walk away from their computers and their cubicles to remember what we should celebrate – the freedom to walk through the forest and have a stronger connection with the world, than you will ever have from your wireless internet connection.

Here’s the mockup from Vlad’s profile portfolio, where you should thread lightly and explore with an open mind.


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