Tricks and Treats: 13 Free Halloween Fonts

Eerie Free Halloween Fonts

Do I smell pumpkin spice latte or is that just the irresistible anticipation of yet another Halloween steadily approaching?

Since I’m not a big fan of anything edible touched by a pumpkin I prefer to have the bastard carved and propped up with a candle, at my window or in the darkness of a living room.

I don’t love Halloween that much, it’s just that I utterly hate the fact that summer is gone and fall is just a long wait for Christmas season. So let’s get by together by enjoying the few treats of the upcoming season, and hoping for less tricks.

Although the next batch of free fonts will count as tricks towards achieving that eerie vibe. We’re talking about invitations, posters, gift tags or promo banners that trigger a chilling effect without looking too cheesy or predictable. So, these won’t be that obvious, not the style you find at the first Google image search.

These fonts look rough, cold, smudged or vintage. And are FREE, some for commercial use too!

Free Halloween Fonts Free Halloween Fonts


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