26 excellent free fonts for personal and commercial use

Free commercial use fonts

Font design is intricate, essential to a good impression and very often needs to be practical. Fonts vary based on theme, what you want to communicate and the “etiquette” required in certain situation. So, in short, context is fundamental,¬†which means there are no good or bad fonts. It is true that the level and quality of ligatures and kerning pairs, as well as alternates vary for each of them, marking the difference between free fonts and those with a price tag, but it all boils down to how you use and combine the resources.

Finding such excellent fonts offered by designers for free, and with a commercial license no less, is not that uncommon, I’ve come to realize. A few years ago this would have been crazy to do,¬†while now it is of paramount importance to offer potential clients a taste of your skills. It’s like free templates that make custom work so much more important.

That being said, I rounded up a collection of impressive fonts offered by their authors with a commercial license which means you can use them in your lucrative projects for invitations, for logo design, communication material like posters and flyers, for physical product customization like mugs or apparel. That decision is up to you, which is actually the hard job, setting an identity and attributing a message to these typefaces. Do you think you know which of them fits what? Tell us how they helped your works and don’t hesitate to share them in the comments.

Check them out and use them wisely. Make something pretty!

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