Morning productivity booster: Free download set

Free Coffee Doodles Set

It’s the middle of the week. We still have a few days to go until the weekend and productivity should be at its peak. We’re charging ahead by pouring another cup of coffee, which I suggest you do as well.

Given the gallons of black liquid blend we’ve been pouring down our throats for the past years, having cups, mugs or even jugs of caffeine on our desks, is part of the decorum. GraphicLoot seems to think the same, because they designed a mini collection of free coffee doodles, inspired by the acclaimed morning routine.

There are croissants, sweets like cupcakes and ice cream, coffee pots and coffee beans included. All round up the ideal morning setting for coffee enthusiasts.

These cute free hand drawn doodles would be perfect for all sorts of purposes – photos, labels, blogs, digital scrap-booking, cards, websites and more! And they are available as a free unlimited downloads.

free coffee doodles

If you love the care-free style of doodles with an offset printing effect, this small set will easily add some corniness and playfulness to your digital projects.

They are all original, exclusively offered by GraphicLoot, created in-house by their illustrators.

Have a great Hump-Day, everyone!

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