Fortidon, the story driven apparel brand

This week,  Tom Foster launched, a story driven, adventure themed apparel brand. I could tell you all about it, but that would spoil the fun, so dive into the website, and dig up clues to the story behind the museum and the man who owns it, Fortidon himself. The best place to look is the office (think point and click games).

Fortidon uses eahc t shirt to expand on the fictional story of an old timey adventurer, who travels the world looking for the finest treasures. Each t shirt is limited in number, and it sent out in a hessian sack, accompanied with a short story.

So head on down to Fortidon, roam the many rooms of the museum, and most importantly, Venture Forth!

Fortidon apparel brand

apparel brand IMG_2413-305x485

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