Fight Gear Vector Pack ! Hajime !

Fight Gear Vector Pack !

You know, I always had a soft spot for martial arts and everything related to them: action movies, arcade fighting games, boxing, karate, K1, Kung-Fu, you name it, I love it! And I can bet there are at least a ton and a half of people who have the same passion. Our time has come!

We are proud and most excited to introduce to you our new special vector pack, The Fight Gear Set! Three different sets of high-quality vector art, featuring burning gloves, champion belts, skull boxers, zombie fighters, punching bags, missing teeth, mouth pieces, even baseball bats and knuckle brass, all you can relate to fighting in a nutshell.

Our artist Adrian “Barkone” really outdid himself, bringing extremely detailed vector pieces, with stunning colors, shading, and highlights, all ready to modify and use as you best see fit. For 10 dollars a set you get a real bargain. You will buy the product of literally over a hundred hour’s work! Most likely you won’t find a better deal, so get you own vector pack and use it.

All elements are in .eps8 format, full-vector hand drawn! What better way to support our artist than by getting these sweet, sweet pieces of artwork and leaving a comment.

Please, by all means, if you are not satisfied, let us know why – I am pretty confident you can only praise such high-quality artwork.

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