Fast Company 14-day Creativity Challenge for Designers

The Fast Company Creativity Challenge

The Fast Company is an established media brand with articles focusing on technology, design and leadership. It was launched in 1995 with the purpose of following and contributing to the changes in business practices, highlighting the global revolution brought on by teams and individuals. If you need inspiration, information or knowledge on the subject, this should be your go-to source.

Since then, the world has been turning upside down and inside out many a times. There’s always something to get discouraged by. But Fast Company is encouraging designers to channel their positive thoughts into a Creativity Challenge. This challenge is meant to reignite a spark, to push the limits of your passion through a daily exercise.

14 creators developed a 14-day challenge where you have to create something, with no restriction on what medium to use or how much time to assign it. They can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. Among these 14 creators are an ice cream entrepreneur, the co-founder of Google Creative Lab or an artist from Disney.

You can start any time, for free and after registration you will receive your challenges each day, in your inbox. That is if you are willing to push yourself and pull down your cretaive boundaries.

You should share your work on social using #FCGetCreative and join the Facebook Group​, where you can discuss thoughts and impressions on this experiment.

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