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Famous movie t-shirts from QWERTEE

Qwertee is a one of the most popular t-shirt sites that feature a different t-shirt design everyday. They do not abound in the number of t-shirt in the gallery but they can easily be proud of the quality of the designs. They basically revolve round popular culture and the possible mash-ups among famous characters. I love movies – and who honestly doesn’t – and I made up a set with some great t-shirt movie designs from their site that I am seriously thinking of buying. Just can’t take it anymore – gotta have one of those. Here are my favourites:

Movie t-shirts

Star Wars - Che Guevara

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta

ninja turtles

The Ninja Turtles

The shinning - joker

The shinning - The Joker

Buffy the Vampire slayer

Buffy the vampire slayer

Why so serious

Why so serious

The big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski - Star Wars

Mordor - Harry Potter

Mordor - Harry Potter