Explore the world of 3D with Google Poly

Google Poly

Google launched Poly a week ago. Poly is now a source for browsing, discovering and downloading 3D objects. While Tilt Brush and Blocks make it easier for developers to create 3D objects for augmented reality and virtual reality, Poly will provide 3D objects and scenes to be used in apps.

Not only can you find a wide variety of objects, from ice cream cones to robots. But you can also mix things up, which is the greatest feature of this platform. That two-arm robot can become a four-arm robot by clicking “like”, to import the object into Tilt Brush or Blocks. You don’t have to worry about crediting the source. Poly automatically does that when you publish the final work.

But beyond the professional use this platform  can simply be used to view object in 3D format or create GIFs for sharing.

This  certainly makes things easier to create an AR or VR app. Sharing a 3D object will allow another developer to build upon it and create something new, with automatic crediting. It’s widely known that creating such objects is time-consuming, so this enriches the resources a lot.

Furthermore, Google makes it incredibly easy to pull the object directly into a VR developing works-pace, which is ideal for new comers. In the future, it will also be possible to sign up and preview the platform through an API.

google poly

The objects on Poly are compatible with VR platforms, as well as Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore frameworks, giving developers the flexibility to use them. It’s fully integrated with Tilt Brush and Blocks, and allows direct OBJ file upload.

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