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The Experience of Art – David Bou

The Experience of Art by Dovydas Bou

When we finally get some time off from our work the travelling can start. We visit places that are astonishing and remind us of how beautiful our home is. To capture these amazing feelings we take pictures of everything we see and any scenery that impacts us.

But what would it be like if you can draw a travelling illustration with every place that you’ve ever visited? To answer these question you must first meet Dovydas Bou and his experience of art. David Bou (Dovydas Baksys) is an independent creative Lithuanian artist who specializes in illustration, photography, film directing and etc. He has 8 years experience in advertising. His main focus is an illustration and digital art. Currently David Bou is living and working at the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius.

He shares his travelling experience with paintings, travelling illustrations that show every place he visited. The thing about his paintings is that they manage to show a mood that we all have when we travel. The experience of art shows great life moments captured in a blink. His main technique is watercolor painting and he draws the scenery in a fairly simple postcard type images. The towns are revitalized by his digital technique that he also applies. You can feel the painting and the mood that it wants to set in. His details are so amazing that you can actually fell the sun in Mexico , the rain in Paris and the wind in the Island of Tuvalu.

experience of art

experience of art

experience of art

Enhance your travelling experience by visiting a dozen countries in just a few minutes. You can find more about the experience of art on David Bou’s official website here.

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