Animator Eran Mendel summarizes Game of Thrones through funny GIFS

Game of Thrones funny GIFs by Eran Mendel

In this era of digital artistry, we’ve been blessed with what is called an animated GIF. Turning a bitmap image into moving hilarity might just save us from chronic pretentiousness. A good GIF response always lightens up the mood. When emojis are not enough, this is what we turn to for more expression.

This is what Eran Mendel excels at. He is an illustrator and animation director. His most popular feat is being a master at GIFs, hopefully going viral once more for his comical Game of Thrones animations, depicting key moments from all episodes of season 7. He regularly does this. In time, he actually managed to summarized the entire TV show through these adorable graphics.

I think he’s the only one to make me think of the Night King as adorable. See for yourself:

Ep 06 – Toying with the enemy

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With 14 years experience in the field, he is a professional you will certainly hear more of in the future. Until his next viral work, let’s enjoy more of his hilarious work featuring Game of Thrones gifs:

GOT se07 ep 02 – 50 shades of Grey Warm

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Cersei and her mountain are also waiting for season 7

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