Empire Magazine illustrator Olly Gibbs

Empire Magazine illustrator Olly Gibbs

I’m obsessed with anything that involves pop culture parodies or reinterpretations of famous characters. Therefore, I found it necessary to include Olly Gibbs in the Artists category, as a favorite illustrator.

He is a multi-disciplined graphic designer who’s been working with the likes of Rihanna, Muse or Warner Brothers. Projects included work for both the print and the digital side. He’s particularly involved in creating material for Empire Magazine, in which he’s featured his visual interpretation of Oscar nominees, horror movie characters or the Jurassic World. He creates video covers for each new digital edition of the magazine.

empire magazine illustrator

As a professional in the field, he doesn’t shy away from corporate branding. He’s happily working on freelance work, too.

I also noticed his tendency to collaborate with charitable organizations. For instance, The Salvation Army, Cancer Research UK or Royal National Lifeboat Institution have requested his services. How can you not love a talented, creative illustrator with a sense of humor and a heart of gold?

His flat design style is not devoid of details and textures. He’s also known as “Lumpy Jelly Hand”, something you can consider his trademark. I see plenty of self-initiated projects that involve robots and cars from famous TV shows and films. Pop culture enthusiasts will immediately recognize them. While characters have a fluid texture, these illustrations play a lot with geometry and sharp angles. And in GIF form they look even better, especially the Star Wars vehicles.

He is a very active designer on social media, especially on Twitter. What’s more, he regularly updates his portfolio, on Tumblr. He seems down to earth, chatty and very friendly.

And another thing: check out how interactive his site is! I honestly regret not mentioning him to you earlier. But it’s better late than never!

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