Ello x WeTransfer Flow design competition

Design competition – Ello in collaboration with WeTransfer.com

Ello was created as an ad-free alternative to social networks that were increasingly focusing on promoted paid content, aka ads. This new social network service solemnly promised to stay free and never show advertisements. What made it stand out was the promise to maintain the privacy of its users, by not selling the data to third parties. I must admit, when I first wrote about it I was skeptical. We had to wait and see.


So, here we are, three years later. It seems they kept their promise, although a few things changed. Ello has transformed into a comprehensive platform for artists, with a similar layout to that of Pinterest. Basically, It showcases works from graphic designers, photographers, web designers and more.


It was already collaborating with Threadless to feature personalized t-shirts and now that has become a full standing partnership that generates revenue. Another way to bring in money was by adding Hire me, Buy or Collaborate buttons. These allow users to be contacted by other members and collaborate. The Buy button can be added to any post that sells goods/services and can redirect to external shops. Thus, Ello has adopted the affiliate model to bring in financial support.

In short, in 2016 it has become a Creators Network, a creative community of over 1 million members.

On the other hand, WeTransfer.com is a file transfer service that regularly features original backgrounds, from professional artist, with direct link to their sites/shops.

The competition

Given that these two platforms are tightly connected with the creative industry, they’ve teamed up for a design competition. You can submit your work and get featured on WeTransfer.com. The theme is “Flow”:

“Consider the psychological and physical aspects of your creative mental state. Assess your creator workflow to discover what it means to truly flow, to enter that “zone-like” state within your process where everything falls away, you’re experiencing total focus, completely absorbed, and you’re doing your creative thing free of distraction and judgement. Whatever your flow looks like or feels like, we’re asking you to submit work that shows your distinctive vibe and point of view. We’d like you to capture what true “flow” means to you, your process, your art and your perception of the world around you.”

The prizes
– A free 6-month WeTransfer Plus account for all entrants.
– 5 selected artists will be featured on the WeTransfer homepage and be provided a custom WeTransfer artist wallpaper that will receive 1 million views.
– These same 5 artists will also be interviewed and featured on the Ello blog and be part of a combined interview on the WeTransfer blog.
– 20 selected artists will be featured on the Ello homepage & awarded 2 -year WeTransfer Plus Upgrade.

You can read the details on how to enter and selection process in this Ello post.

Lastly, here are some of the submissions thus far:

design competition

The deadline is August 15th.


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