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Geek t shirts – Einstein

It happens that I myself own a t-shirt like that. Mine it’s really slick and with a nice message. It says: ein-stein, zwei-stein (in German, ein means one, zwei means two). I’ve always loved that t-shirts because it has a cool graphic design and it’s funny too.  Well, but mine is not the only Einstein t-shirt there is. As surfing the internet, I’ve found so many designs with Brain-Father that just made me smile.

I happen to be a very a big fan of Einstein and I don’t know if you knew about, but he is the prime suspect in the Philadelphia business. You know that disappearing ship in World War Two.  Well, it is believed that Einstein is to blame for this, because in his attempt to make something greater than a submarine, he managed to come up with a plan for an invisible ship. He didn’t quite make the right moves for it, but he started wonderful story that became a movie theme. The story has been published and transformed into three different movies. I deserve a geek t shirts for the information I just gave you!

The thing about the t-shirts is that they are damn funny, as you can see. Just look at the tee with math formulas. You can go to a math exam wearing that tee coz it will for sure help you cheat. If the teacher doesn’t wear glasses, of course.

geek t shirts
geek t shirts
geek t shirt
geek t shirts
Geek t shirts

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